Are you ready for your skiing or riding dream job? Do you want to share your passion for sliding on snow with others? If so, then it’s time to become an instructor and get certified.

PSIA-AASI’s certification process helps you:

  • Become a better teacher in the art of sliding on snow
  • Improve your own skiing and riding skills
  • Ignite a lifetime of passion for skiing and snowboarding with others
  • Learn life skills for moderating groups, public speaking, problem solving and coaching

Being a ski or snowboard instructor looks different for everyone:

  • Part-time instructors teach only a few days a week, perhaps just on weekends
  • Full-time instructors teach during the entire season, including weekends and holidays
  • Some instructors prefer teaching beginners or children
  • Others prefer teaching on a competitive level
  • Some instructors teach just one discipline, such as skiing or snowboarding
  • Others teach several disciplines, including cross country, telemark, and adaptive
  • All instructors want to inspire a lifelong passion for skiing and snowboarding!

Reasons to join PSIA-AASI:

  • To turn your passion into a profession
  • So you can become a better teacher, skier, and rider
  • To provide more value to your employer
  • To pursue certification in order to make yourself more marketable in and outside the industry
  • To travel the world by teaching on snow
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