5 Reasons You Need Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding

Get in shape and stay in shape for snowsports year-round with Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding.

This evergreen guide is available for FREE to PSIA-AASI members as a digital edition and for $19.95 as a print edition from our online store.

Written by PSIA Alpine Team alum Chris Fellows and Resilient Performance System co-owner Douglas Kechijian, the book offers guidance for a fitness training regimen that promotes improved movement and body longevity for snowsports instructors.

Having technical expertise combined with physical preparation opens up new possibilities for skiers and riders. Here, Chris shares five reasons every ski and snowboard instructor and their students can help their on- and off-snow performance with the workouts and exercise routines in Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding.

  1. Anyone who makes a lifestyle choice to incorporate the concepts in this book into their regimen and teaching will see increased performance and body durability. They can also experience a long, injury-free season.
  2. The book is filled with well thought-through exercises and drills that address the physical preparation needs of all skiers and riders. Don’t expect the hot new drill or exercise that you see your favorite snowsports athlete doing on YouTube. These are tried-and-true drills that create solid foundations for athletic movement on snow.
  3. By giving professional instructors a physical fitness recipe with the proper ingredients, which they can mix and match to meet their specific needs, they can better prepare for and stay healthier during the winter season.
  4. This program will help instructors segue into winter stronger, more mobile, and with better endurance. It’s a good starting point for a fun and challenging season.
  5. Everyone can use this information to improve. Students have always looked to instructors to provide them with information to get better. Now instructors can link this information to the student, who can do research and get the information direct and connect to the PSIA-AASI community. It’s a great way to cast a wider net for future instructors, as well as future students.

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