CrossFit, Gymnastics, and the Joy of Being a Beginner Again – Offseason with Cori Lambert

In this PSIA-AASI National Team Workout story, AASI Snowboard Team member Cori Lambert says she trains year-round in CrossFit and gymnastics. But, she adds, there’s also time to learn new sports, including climbing.

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Cori Lambert climbing

Q: What’s your go-to offseason workout or outdoor sport, and why is it what you like to do?

A: Year-round, I train CrossFit and gymnastics. During the summer, I’ve picked up climbing, hiking, and skateboarding. I love all these activities because they’re challenging in their own way. They’re functional and promote balance, strength, and body awareness. Plus, they’re fun.

Q: Do you teach or compete in these sports, or has it led to any great adventures around the world?

A: I coach gymnastics and CrossFit. I no longer compete in gymnastics but have found that competing in CrossFit allows me to have that outlet.

I’m still a novice in climbing, hiking, and skateboarding, which is another great reason to love those things, just to be a beginner again.

Q: How do these sports help you set, train for, and reach new goals?

A: Gymnastics gives me air awareness, especially bouncing on a trampoline and learning new ways to flip.

Climbing keeps my whole body strong for when – not if – I crash on my board. The stronger I feel, the easier it is to recover.

Skateboarding is still so new. It allows me to put myself into that beginner mindset, be OK with not being good, and simply enjoy the learning process. It also helps me to concentrate on those little wins. The balance, technique, and ability you need to be able to separate upper body from lower body is incredible to learn on a skateboard, and it transfers so well to snowboarding.

Q: How do these sports prepare you mentally for your work on snow?

A: With the combo of things I do, it keeps my body agile, strong, flexible, and always adapting – all of which I need for performing on snow. Training my fast twitch muscles so I can make little adjustments on snow is a game changer! Breaking down new skills in skateboarding helps me to think outside the box; it keeps me in that teaching/training mindset.

Q: Do you have any other fun summer plans or good offseason reading suggestions you’d like to share?

A: Travel. And lots of it. Italy, Alaska, Ireland. Mostly to see family. They keep me grounded.

I loved the book Atomic Habits. Wanna build new habits? Start with the ones you already have and “habit stack.” Highly recommend.