The Impact of PSIA-AASI’s Interski People Skills Presentation + Video Highlight Reel

PSIA-AASI’s Interski 2019 Learning Connection Model presentation has now traveled to Pamporovo, Bulgaria, and National Academy in Big Sky, Montana, providing a clear picture of what U.S. snow pros do best, and how they would like to share their skill set with the world.

Here AASI Snowboard Team member Chris Rogers highlights how the PSIA-AASI National Team’s presentations are already impacting what instructors share in their lessons. If you want to access all the presentation videos from the event, you can click view them on the PSIA-AASI YouTube Interski playlist.

Highlights from Chris Rogers:

  • I think what’s exciting about the Teaching and People Skills presentations is that none of this is ground breaking, wildly different, or new. These fundamentals were organized and described by the team based on what top pros across the organization already do!
  • If you’ve been teaching for a while, nothing in the teaching or people fundamentals should be a surprise. But, what they do create is a clear framework for success for new instructors, and the opportunity for evaluating and development for existing instructors—for themself, for managers, and for certification.
  • For decades, ski school managers have said, “We hire based on people skills because we’re really good at teaching people to ski, and we’re pretty good at teaching them to teach, but you can’t teach people skills.” The reality is that both people skills and teaching skills are teachable, and by defining the criteria that illustrate good teaching, we’re creating trainable framework that allows you to address shortcomings and find ways to improve.
  • Most instructors have at some point taught the “perfect lesson,” where it feels easy and natural to connect with the guest, coach them through improvements, and meet their needs. This is the root of the LCM, it describes that ‘perfect lesson’ as one where the focus on each corner of the triangle is accurate. The Teaching Skills fundamentals are essential to understanding why that lesson went so smooth and the details to how to recreate I time and time again, creating lifelong learners and ski and snowboard enthusiasts!

Watch videos featuring Rogers, and all of the PSIA-AASI Team, right here.