PSIA-AASI is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Check out the following information on how PSIA-AASI is using these channels and how you can get connected.

How to Engage: Share, tag, and comment on posts, and share content on the PSIA-AASI timeline. Use hashtag #snowpros in your Facebook posts.

How to Engage: Watch, like, stitch, duet, comment on, and share our videos, then tag @thesnowpros and #snowpros on your TikTok posts.

How to Engage: Mention @thesnowpros and use hashtag #snowpros on your posts. Ask questions!

How to Engage: Tag PSIA-AASI in photos you post and use the hashtag #snowpros. Join the conversation on photos!

How to Engage: Subscribe to the channel and to videos that you like. Get involved in discussions about the videos – reply directly to other members like you.

How to Engage: Get involved in group discussions or start your own about a topic of your choice. Great opportunity to network with instructors and school directors around the country. Share ideas generated from your other interests that tie back to instruction.