Mike Porter Honored with PSIA-AASI Lifetime Achievement Award

Former PSIA Alpine Team member and Coach Mike Porter was honored with PSIA-AASI’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Awards & Recognition Night at National Academies in Big Sky, Montana, last month, recognizing a career of innovation in snowsports instruction.

The award capped off a well-earned season of acknowledgment for Mike’s contributions to the evolution of ski teaching. In March, he was inducted into the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, which noted, “Much of America’s reputation for excellence worldwide in education can be traced back to Porter’s leadership role both as head coach and a key member of the PSIA Steering Committee. He was instrumental in visioning and crafting the educational content presented at Interski, held every four years. His content reached instructors nationwide, improving ski instruction at ski schools in large and small resorts and making PSIA-AASI the successful organization it is today.”

At Big Sky, Mike shared how a successful two-hour lesson his mother took while he was young resulted in skiing becoming the family sport, which began his lifelong alpine odyssey.

“What if that had been a bad lesson?” he mused, noting how much being a part of PSIA-AASI has informed and enriched every aspect of his life. “I want to thank you for this award, because I am a better person for being part of this community.”

PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Jeb Boyd, who was one of several instructors who nominated Mike for the Lifetime Achievement Award, wrote, “The work Mike has done on our behalf has touched every single member, non-member, and industry stakeholder. He has coached the national team and shaped that institution to remain the number one resource our membership has. He was instrumental in the development of the Skills Concept, student-centered teaching, equipment evolution, and is constantly giving back to our association by volunteering with the current national team and helping up-and-comers reach their fullest potential. I have never seen Mike turn anyone away, and he is always available to offer insight and joyfully looks for opportunities to contribute.”

PSIA Alpine Team member Kevin Jordan wrote in his nomination for Mike, “Mike Porter is an institution, and he knows so much about the sport. His historical perspective is one that I seek constantly. Learning from his experiences and having him help guide me in my own career is one of the reasons I have been successful. He has stayed involved with PSIA, has selected countless regional and national teams, and has always been available to give advice.”